Ice Dam & Roof Snow Removal

Removing Ice Dams and Snow

Ice dams are one of the most common causes of interior and exterior damage to homes in Michigan, and the worst part is that insurance companies try very hard not to pay for these costly repairs. At Wendell's Roofing & Remodeling, we know how important your home is to you. So we are fast and reliable in getting your ice dam issues addressed. Once we get rid of the ice dam, we will fight hard with your insurance company to get you paid for the interior dry out and restoration work you need to get your home back in order. Based in Royal Oak, we service all of metro Detroit’s ice dam, snow removal and disaster restoration needs with ease and efficiency. Don’t trust your home to just anyone, trust it to Wendell's, the leak specialist for the past 24 years.

How Do Ice Dams Work?

Ice dams happen when heat escapes from your home at the eaves, melting the snow, causing it to freeze when it meets the ambient temperature on the outside of the home. This causes ice to build up creating a dam. As snow continues to fall, the snow on the top begins to act as an insulator, while the melted snow on the roof begins to puddle up. This ponding water then works its way upward as it builds up, running under your shingles, and into your home causing mold, structural and interior damages.

What Risks Do Ice Dams Cause?

Obviously, anytime water gets inside your home, damage occurs, but with an ice dam, this risk is particularly high. The water often takes months to penetrate the roof deck and insulation. Many times by the time you see water in the home, significant mold damage has already occurred. Insurance companies often deem this deferred maintenance and will not cover repairs.
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What Are the Options for Roof Snow Removal?

Never use salt! Salt melts more than snow. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is using salt to remove ice from their roof. It’s true that snow melts ice, but it can cause severe damage to your shingles and can even damage your roof deck. This is a temporary fix and will cost you more in the long run.
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Time-Release Ice Melt Tubes

Non-corrosive, slow acting ice melt tubes are usually the best way for a couple of reasons. First, if we melt the snow too quickly, water could pour into the home, causing more extensive damage. Second, these products will not damage the roofing like salt or steam. Many roofers recommend steam machines, which can be used in extreme cases, but only if damage to the wood has already occurred.

Working with overhead ice and snow without proper training and experience can lead to damage to your home, serious injury, and in some cases, death. Always consult a professional before disturbing overhead ice.
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