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Meet the Team at Wendell's Roofing & Remodeling

Since 1993, Wendell's Roofing & Remodeling has offered top-notch contracting services throughout Oakland and Macomb Counties in Michigan. Our locally owned, family-run business is a member of the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce and has received many positive reviews via Home Advisor. Schedule your FREE consultation today by calling 248-414-3836.
Wendell Davis

Wendell Davis - Owner

Wendell is an all-American story of success through blood, sweat and pure determination. From meager beginnings, Wendell Davis learned the necessity of hard work at a very young age. He started out in grade school, selling blueberries and candy bars to help his family make ends meet. By middle school, he had started roofing part-time for his uncle and the rest is history. Wendell found his true calling the first time he picked up a nail gun. He loved the hard work, and had a natural talent for the trade. Wendell went on to win many contests and awards and quickly became known as the best roofer in all of metro Detroit. If you needed a project done, it was time to call Wendell Davis. In 1993, Wendell decided to pursue the American dream and open Wendell's Roofing & Remodeling and has since built metro Detroit’s most relied upon home improvement company.

“I remember being so excited when we installed our first roof. The hard work was easy when it was all I knew,” says Wendell, “It came natural, but the customers loved it!”

It is a dream come true for Wendell to have a successful company doing what he loves. So when you hire Wendell’s Roofing & Remodeling to handle your home improvement project, you don’t just get great service, you truly get a piece of the American dream...
Clifton Wright

Clifton Wright - Director of Service and Maintenance

When we at Wendell's think of honesty and integrity, Clif Wright quickly comes to mind. Clif is a pillar of experience and trust within the company. With a proven track-record of hard work and relentless determination, when you deal with Clif, you are in the hands of a true, time-tested professional. When he is not serving customers, Clif is a dedicated husband and father to his wife, Belen, and beautiful little girls Alayna and Luci. There are not a lot of people like Clifton Wright in the world, so when you meet him, make sure you shake his hand and know that you're in great hands.
Mary Riccardi

Mary Riccardi - Master of Money

Mary Riccardi, Wendell’s little sister (the short one - just kidding Mary!), is the team captain when it comes to keeping our accounts in order. Not many people have a passion for paying bills, but Mary loves to do just that. When asked about Mary, Wendell said, “I am just so lucky to have someone like Mary, who truly cares about our company, in the position to take care of our finances.” With strict discipline, and years of experience, Mary is the one that keeps us moving forward. When it comes to personality, Mary is a firecracker! Always with a smile and always with her heart in the set on perfection, Mary Riccardi fills an absolute must-have position in the company. We are all family here at Wendell’s and you can’t talk about the Wendell’s family without talking about Mary. Mary’s job can be a thankless one, so if you ever get the chance, be sure to thank her for helping to make Wendell’s dream of great service for his customers a reality.
Irene Hensley

Irene Hensley - Miracle Worker

Everybody loves Irene. As Wendell's sister, she has been at his side from day one. If you need it done, ask Irene! There is more work happening in her office than in all other offices combined. Ultra-dependable, first in, and last to leave, Irene is the glue that keeps it all together. When you hire Wendell's for any project, know that Irene is on your side making it all come together the way it should! No if's, and's or but's, when your job is done, and you give us that great review, Irene deserves most of the credit.
Jacob Mulvenna

Jacob Mulvenna - Superstar

Jacob is a superstar. With honesty and integrity above all else, Jacob is a breath of fresh air in the sales industry. Jacob really loves people and it shows in the relationships he develops with his customers. Each one of them holds a special place in his heart and he will bend over backward to make sure that he delivers on every single promise and more. From the moment Jacob arrives at your home, you'll know you're in the hands of an experienced professional. When you finish the paperwork, get a picture because you're truly standing next to a superstar!
Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor - Bringing True Class to the Sales Profession

Southern charm and personalized service. That's what you'll get when Mike Taylor comes out to your home. Mike is an expert in his field who takes the time to inspect, evaluate and listen to your specific needs. Understanding that home improvement decisions are stressful, Mike makes choosing Wendell's easy! When you work with Mr. Mike Taylor, you can rest assured that no question is left unanswered. By the way, make sure you congratulate him: he and his lovely wife Courtney just started their family with a beautiful baby girl, Bayleigh.
Jackie Terry

Jackie Terry - Customer Service Guru

At Wendell’s we’ve always taken pride in finding and hiring talented people. We are here to tell you: Jackie is no exception. Jackie is a major talent within the industry. We knew as we began the search for a new member of the Wendell’s family, it wouldn’t be easy and we couldn’t hire just anybody. This person would have to be dynamic, able to handle many things at once and offer Wendell’s-quality service in the demanding customer service environment. Not an easy thing to find! As we searched for the perfect new addition, we had some great candidates interview for the job. It was shaping up to be a tough decision. That was before Jackie came in. We knew within seconds of meeting her that she was exactly who we were looking for! Jackie now sits squarely on the front lines of communication with our customers, and they couldn’t be more pleased. “You can only be grateful when you find a team member like that,” says Irene Hensley, Office Manager, “and we really found a winner with Jackie.” So when you call in and Jackie is right there on the line for you, make sure and thank her, knowing that she is a big part of the great service you receive.
Dustin Wright

Dustin Wright - Lead Roof Technician

Dustin is truly the type of person this world needs more of: a real working hero. With the unwavering work ethic and a burning desire to do things the right way, Dustin has more than earned the title of Lead Roof Technician. From the first project Dustin completed, we knew he was someone special. Wendell Davis, the owner of Wendell’s Roofing and Remodeling, summed it up like this: “He’s the kind of guy you can count on,” and when asked what to look for when hiring new techs, he responded affectionately, “We need more go-getters like Dustin on our team.” And nothing could be more truer. As a dedicated father to his son, Dustin (8) and his daughter, Ava (4), Dustin has somehow still made time to set the standard in the industry from knowledge to integrity to just plain drive to get the job done. We are so proud to say he’s part of the Wendell’s family. When Dustin arrives at your home and goes to work, know that you are genuinely in the best hands in the business. Make sure and thank him by leaving a great review.
Barry Bressler

Barry Bressler

Talk about service! It’s no coincidence that Barry is the company leader in customer referrals. Barry is the pinnacle of service in the home improvement industry. With a can-do attitude and an unparalleled desire to make his customers happy, Barry takes it far beyond customer service. It’s not just customer service, its customer elatedness! We at Wendell’s are so fortunate to have a dedicated customer advocate like Barry on our team. It’s obvious to all of us that Barry cares about his customers more than most, but with all the time he spends doing that, he somehow still finds time to be a great husband and father to his lovely wife Kelly and their beautiful daughter Payton. We love family and we hit a home run when we added Barry to ours. Rest assured, when Mr. Barry Bressler comes out to your home, you are shaking hands with a true professional. You’re going to love it.
Kristopher Nichols

Kristopher Nichols

Fun but professional, Kristopher Nichols is truly a pleasure to work with. His fun and energetic spirit spreads joy throughout any room and his caring, compassionate sense of thoughtfulness shows in everything that he does. We couldn’t be happier to have him on our team. When asked how he felt about the latest edition to our sales team, Jacob Mulvenna, veteran sales pro with Wendell’s Roofing & Remodeling, said this: “Kris really embraces the idea of putting service first. He takes caring to a whole new level.” Even more impressive than his personality has been his ability to get the job done. Kris has proven himself to be a real asset to our sales department. With his expertise in construction working at the foundation of his sales talent, he has a unique ability to make deals that are both good for the company, but more importantly, good for the customer. Believe us when we tell you: home improvement sales is hard work, so when Kristopher Nichols comes out and goes the extra mile for you, make sure you thank him with a smile. P.S. - Drop us a line and tell us how happy you are with the service he provides.
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